Crime and Place

Crime Compass, Mapping, and Trends Analysis

Whether at home or traveling in the United States, Crime and Place is an indispensable personal safety tool for gaining visibility to personal and property crime trends, to help you avoid becoming a statistic. Now available on the App Store.

Crime and Place Lite Now Available!

New The free-to-try Lite version of Crime and Place is now available for download on the App Store. Learn more about Crime and Place Lite.

Crime Compass - Quickly see your surroundings as you move.

A unique color coded view that updates dynamically as you move. Inner and outer concentric rings show short and longer range crime hotspots, allowing you to steer clear of dangerous areas before you find yourself somewhere unsafe.

Crime Compass

Map Overlay - A fully interactive crime heat map with GPS tracking.

Search points of interest or addresses for crime data, or drop a pin on the map to verify that your next stop won't be an unexpected high crime area.

Map Overlay

Customizable - Calibrate data to suit your needs.

Change the weighting of different crime types, set up notifications when entering high crime areas, and much more. Crime and Place can alert you when you leave your comfort zone.



Crime and Place for iOS

Available from the App Store